allie is 9-year-old “blue” standard poodle. she was diagnosed with Addison’s disease about 2 years ago.  she use to be a perfect dog.  use to be.  since being diagnosed with Addison’s, she is no longer a model dog.  she has to have monthly injections which cause her to act more like a puppy then an aging dog. how does she act like a puppy?

  • she has taken to reading and destroying books, including ones from the library (which have to be paid for)
  • perusing and destroying photo albums.  specifically valued ones which are older and more difficult to replace
  • distributing laundry all over the house and yard.  now I know how that hole came to be in a pair of my underpants.
  • the other day she decided she wanted to play monopoly.  she was trying to get the game out from under a pile of board games, but only managed to chew apart the edge of the box.
  • when we are not watching her, she will leave our yard and wander the neighborhood.  she has gone up to the near by grocers to talk with girl scouts selling cookies
  • her favorite pastime is retrieving a ball, over, and over, and over, and over..

however, she continues to be a good watch dog.  she prowls the house at night looking for the family members and where they are located.  she will alert us to any strangers/ non strangers, squirrels, skunks, cats approaching the house.  so princess allie will continue to destroy and pillage.


5 thoughts on “allie

    1. Tabitha- we drive back up to London in the morning. Thanks again for the ideas. We have had a great time. Today we are taking the day to relax in the pretty country setting before we get into the bustle of the city.


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