the strange things you can do with apps

isn’t this weird?  i don’t remember what app i used at the time.  i had it on my last iPhone and no longer have it. princess allie is quite the ham and will pose willingly. the tip of her nose is the only thing in focus.  i do believe that she has become a bit psychotic.  she has been leaving food in her dog dish over the last week, which is extremely unusual.  we bought her a different brand of dog food to see if that would help. it was obvious that she was hungry, but when she went to eat out of her stainless steel food bowl, if it moved, or her collar hit on it, she would jump back like she was frightened.  this is the same bowl she has been eating out of for the last 9 years.  charles took the bottom of a plastic flower pot and nailed it to a board so it would not move.  she will eat out of that contraption.  what??????


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