OK, so this is a great trip even though I did get lost today!



We met at 09:00 to load our luggage and get instructions for the day from John and John- Joe. This is a well organized and hard working team of men who run this bike tour and they do it with great Irish humor.  We were loaded into two vans which had our bikes and luggage and transferred about 35 min from Burren National Park in the town of Crusheen.  About mile 11 there were going to be some steep climbs coming up until mile 21.  I happened to get separated from the group I was with at mile 9.  I went ahead to get up enough speed to get up the rise then waited for the group. When they didn’t show in a short while I rode back down and realized I had missed the area where I was to turn left.  But after traveling a mile or so and not seeing any other riders, I stopped a car to inquire whether she had see any other cyclists and when she answered “no, there where none on this road”, I began to doubt my sense of direction (with reason) and decided to go back down to the prior junction.  About that time Charles had figured out that his wife was missing and John called me on the cell phone, told me to stay put and he would fetch me in the van.  So aside from being a pest for getting lost, I had the good fortune of missing the steep climbs.  I met up with the group for lunch then after lunch John -Joe transported three of us  to mile 21. It was such a blast riding down the switchbacks.

The point of interest today was an ancient monastery.   It is truly fun to hear the history behind this region from both men.

The ride today was 40.4 miles. I rode 30 miles.  We were just studying tomorrow’s map.  Looks like there are plenty of steep climbs so I might find myself in the van several times during the day😁.

time to catch some ZZZ’s.






2 thoughts on “OK, so this is a great trip even though I did get lost today!

  1. Jess & Chas! Sounds like you are having quite the adventure! Beautiful scenery too. We would love those old ruins, cemetaries, etc. Tell us what the Irish food is like. R u drinking Guinness? Bet you are sleeping good at night after all that exercise. Charlie hasn’t injured himself yet? Hope not!


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