Cliffs of Moher and more of the Burren

imageimageimageAfter breakfast we rode our bikes over to Dunguaire Castle and explored the inside and courtyard.  From there we rode back through the town and out into the countryside.  From what we have seen here on the western coast, the typical architecture of an Irish home, is very “neat” with well manicured landscaping and flowers.  The yard will be fenced in using the limestone and many times you will see cows right next to the house.  Have seen many donkeys and they have been in shades of brown and cream.

I took the transfer over the steep climb today (it went for 3 miles) and then rode through the countryside which had lots of beautiful wild flowers.  The weather has been great for biking.  It tends to feel cool until you start to work up a sweat and if it starts to have gentle rain, I have welcomed it as a way of cooling down.  John- Joe had dropped me off in the middle of the countryside and said “head that way”. 😀  I had the directions, but it was quite fascinating to be riding along on a country road all by myself with beautiful vistas, having absolutely no idea where I was.  This island is 300 miles long and 150 miles wide.  I found myself just meandering along thinking Charles would eventually catch up with me.  ‘Twas not to be.  Apparently he got off track of the directions and took a different route but we both ended up in town at the same time for lunch. We found a pub and had a pint of cider and potatoe/ leek soup with some brown bread.  After lunch there was a short route and a long route to our final destination.  I opted to go the short route with two other riders while Charles took the long route.  We apparently took a wrong turn which took us in a circle and ended up taking the long route.  All I can say is that I was tired and have not had the energy to figure out how many miles we went today.  By the time we got to the hotel, we had a hour to shower and relax before we took the vans over to see the Cliffs of Morh.  We were very fortunate that the weather was so great because we were able to have a wonderful view.  My photos to not do them justice.

Upon arriveing back at our lodging we had dinner then fell into bed at 9:30.  ZZZ……


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