Starting the day with coastal beauty and ending it with music in Doolin

After breakfast we biked out to the coast and it was fab-u-lous!  As we came over a rise, spread before us was a beautiful vista of green grass, blue water, with sun peaking through the mist.

my iPhone is very slow tonight and is not downloading the photos so I may have to post them at a different time.

Yesterday one of our riders broke her left elbow in a cycling accident and another managed to get a black eye.  No further injuries today.

Since I was tired today and did not wish to add myself to the list of casualties I only cycled the first part and last part of today’s ride which was probably about 15 miles.  However that freed Charles to cycle with the rest of the fearsome riders the whole trail.

There were some picturesque sites that I tried to capture which included ruins, tombs, small horses, and wild flowers.


We ended the evening in Doolin for dinner and Irish music.  John arranges his tours to have seats right next to the musicians in the pub.  It was grand.  We finally left at 11:00 pm because we have to have our luggage out by 8:45!!!







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