Today we had rain, wind, and saw a lot of sheep

No picture for today because I left my iPhone with my luggage. It was obvious that it would be rainy and windy so I did not wish to expose my phone to the elements.  Charles took many pictures with his camera so at some point I will be able to post them.

We are in an area with a lot of lakes and “bogs”.  We were able to see where peat has been dug up and left out to dry.  They still burn it in their fireplaces.  John-Joe said that he and John will be sitting around a peat fire this Christmas discussing the tourists that come over to Ireland to ride bikes in the rain.

We are seeing a lot more sheep which are often out by the road. They tend to be more skittish so John told us to be careful because it may look as though they are crossing one way but when they are disturbed they may go in any direction and cause you to fall off the bike.  My way of dealing with this road issue was to “bark” at them.  They would take off and leave the road free.  John happened to overhear me doing this and decided he will pass this odd but successful  maneuver onto other groups😂.  The Irish sense of humor must be experienced here to be fully appreciated.

The route today covered about 50 some miles.  Charles was having a blast and rode the whole way and more.  I rode at intervals and I am not really sure how many miles I covered.  With the rain and headwind it felt like ALOT but I doubt it was more than 10 miles.  I got a transfer in the van over the steep roads so I was ahead of Charles.  When he caught up he would give me “a bike assist- push me up the road”.  The rain suit was successful in keeping my clothes dry so I would recommend getting one if you come over here to cycle.

Tomorrow is our last day to be biking.  Wonder what the weather will be!


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