Charles is having bike withdrawal

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We met up with several people from the group for a late breakfast.  It was an adjustment to realize we were no longer on a schedule or having someone there telling us what to do.

We went to explore Galway by walking with Fred and Coleen.   We ended up down by the river, then into the Latin Corner and into an area where they were having an open market.  By that time,  the rain which had been a drizzle, began to pour.  The pictures do not have sunshine but give you some views along the way.  We popped into pub for a drink and to get out of the rain.   As we were passing Eyre Square,  there were all those bikes, and Charles was looking at them with longing in his heart.

Colleen and Fred have just left to get the bus to Shannon. They fly back to the states tomorrow.

Check out Hotel Meyrick online.  We stay here one more night then tomorrow we will take the bus to Shannon and fly back to London.





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