There is much water here at Watersend B&B


Yesterday at 3:00 pm we took the bus from Galway to Shannon airport.  The bus was very high tech.  So much so, that the driver had NO CONTROL over the AC/ heating unit.  The AC was not working and the heater was on high.  So all of us passengers were treated to an hour and 45 minutes of a dry sauna.  It was not nice.  We were so thankful to get off that bus and feel the cool air outside.  Fortunately the airplane ride was uneventful and we arrived back at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel and the receptionist was so very nice and without our asking upgraded us to a deluxe room with king size bed.  We headed to the restaurant for some nibbles and wine.

After a very nice buffet breakfast we got to the rental car place and got our car early.  We were on the M25 by 1:00pm and driving in the rain.  Charles did a good job and a few hours later (with some groceries) we reached Watersend B&B.  We unloaded the car and groceries in the rain, met the caretakers in the rain, and have been watching the rain.  This studio is adorable.  I should have taken a photo before we spread out our things.

I took the picture above whilst we lay here on the bed as we listen to the rain.  It is cosy and we are being very lazy after our anxiety of driving on the left side of the road.  It is one thing to ride a bike on the left side, but another to propel a vehicle through London traffic, the M25 and then one lane roads of little towns.

rain, rain, rain……….



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