Salt marsh of Rye to the White Cliffs of Dover


We drove down to Rye and found an area which is a salt marsh.  There is a channel of water that goes out to the sea.  It was a windy, blustery walk but very invigorating.  The “beach” is made up of rocks which you can see they pushed up into two large piles.  As we were walking back through the marsh I noticed some tiled pictures that had been made of small creatures that inhabit the area.  I thought they were rather sweet.

We then drove along the coast through various small towns util we reached Dover which is a small city.  The picture of the blue door was taken of a church located in the downtown area.  We found a place to get a quick bite to eat.  You can see the picture of Dover Castle.  We drove up to it but decided not to go in.  I was much more interested in getting a better view of the white cliffs so we drove to the next small town called St. Margaret’s.  To get to the beach we had to drive the car down a steep one lane winding road which ended in a car park.  I picked up a few rocks to bring home.


4 thoughts on “Salt marsh of Rye to the White Cliffs of Dover

  1. What wonderful pictures. The weather is not great for being at the beach but it is still a day at the beach! I wish I had a truck load of that beautiful beach rocks for landscaping in our backyard. I love the contrast of the blue door on the church with the green grass in the yard. The Dover Castle is very impressive. Thank you for the blog with the pictures.


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