Sissinghurst Gardens


Yesterday we spent the day at Sissinghurst Gardens.  The weather was glorious as are the gardens.  Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the extensive grounds.

We had wound our way down a country lane to find a large car park filled with visitors.  They have a farmers market at the beginning of the park on Fridays.

The round chimneys at the entrance area are specific to this area of the country and are used for drying the hops harvest.  We climbed up the tower and were able get an idea of the layout of the land.

After a late lunch we took a one mile walk around the main part of the gardens. There is a three mile walk which is around the perimeter.  They have a very large vegetable garden which supplies the cafe and most likely the B&B on site.

During the outside walk of the gardens we came upon the little plot that you see was a burial site. Maybe family pets?

Like most of this area, there are sheep grazing in the meadows.  If I lived here, I would definitely become a member!


2 thoughts on “Sissinghurst Gardens

  1. Soooo green and lush! Just beautiful!!! I love all the character!! If I didn’t know what made it so green, I might want to move there! 🙂


    1. Ha! This is a beautiful area. Lush green rolling hills. I love seeing the sheep grazing in the fields everywhere. The winding country/town roads with the canopy of trees overhead- whenever we go through one I say “ooh” and now I’ve got Charles saying it also. ( he likes to make fun of me-😊)


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