Yesterday we drove in the rain, (again) from Waters End to the rental car office near Heathrow.  One of the staff then dropped us off at the Underground station so that we could take it into the south Kensington area where our hotel was located. We got off at Earl’s court and walked with our luggage (in the rain) to Xenia Hotel.  We rested a bit then decided to walk to Harrod’s just so that I could see what all the fuss was about.  I must say- it is a rather impressive store. (Do you know how hard it is to locate toilets in this city?)

We walked back to our hotel and stopped at a store to pick up wine, cheese, bread and fruit for our dinner.  We’d eaten lunch at a small cafe earlier.

This morning after we had breakfast at our hotel we decided on a route to take to use the Underground so we could see a few stores. First up and in my opinion the one that was most enjoyable was Fortnum and Mason.  Whole (paycheck) Foods definitely takes a backseat to this place-especially in what the employees wear- look at that guys outfit! All the employees looked great in their suits and ties. (Including the female staff).

On our way to Selfridges’s we passed the USA embassy.

Selfridge’s turned out to be the place we had lunch, on the roof of the 5th floor is the restaurant called Vintage Salt.  It was fun to see this iconic store.  We rode the Underground back to our hotel to drop off a few items.  Then we rode up to Hyde Park and walked from there into the Kensingtom end of the park.  We then caught the ride back to our hotel as our “tootsies’ we’re ready for a break.

It has been a great trip.  After being gone for three weeks, we are ready to go home.  We will have fun remembering the places we have seen but even more the conversations with the people we have met.  The Irish and the English have been very friendly wherever we have gone.

Looking forward to seeing you Landon- is Allie still alive?


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